Welcome to Emperor Knitters, your manufacturing partner

Emperor Knitters is the place to visit to find trendy fashionware, accessories and fashion textiles for every season.  We manufacture a variety of ladies, mens and childrens knitwear and accessories in styles ranging from classical to young high fashion. All our designs are manufactured in a diverse range of both natural and manmade yarns.  We work with all manner of clients from small niche design houses to huge multi-national retailers. 

Our Approach

We select the most fashionable designs from the latest international fashion show collections, building an extensive selection which allows us to cater to every taste and requirement. It is equally important to us to provide expert advice and expert service. If a specific item or style is required, we'll be happy to tailor a design to suit individual fashion requirements. 


We routinely work with clients to develop their seasonal ranges and sample new styles throughtout the year.


Our collection

Emperor Knitters makes available all the latest must-have items to complement any wardrobe. We believe in providing quality clothing, at reasonable prices.  See our Fashion Knitwear page for more information on our designs and styles.


Approved Licensed Manufacturer 

We have been successfully manufacturing under license for many years and have worked with numerous brands and license holders including: